Sales Horses

On occasion I will have a horse for sale. The horse is chosen for their temperament, character, trainability, and rideability. Horses are in full training and are on a regular work program. In addition to training, all marketing is taken care of through the various sources I have available. I will work closely with you to make sure you are kept up to date on all aspects of a potential sale.
Training ~ Pricing based on horses current ability and anticipated readiness to go to market.
Commission ~ 10%
Board ~ Board is a separate fee.

Video Review

If you would like feedback on a horse and/or a ride I am happy to provide my personal commentary. The feedback will be received via a PDF and a follow-up call can be made to discuss the comments. This information will always be private and never be shared on the website or via social media.

Fee ~ $60.00 

Horses In Training

Training services are available for clients that would like a horse brought along and promoted through the levels. Horses are worked a minimum of 5 days a week. A typical work week consists of track and hills for conditioning, being taken out on trail, and arena work, all while encouraging connection, thoroughness, and obedience to the aids. Creating a safe, rideable, and trustworthy partner are the words I aspire to in the training process. All breeds of horses are welcome.

Full Training ~ $900.00 Monthly
Board - Board is a separate fee


Lessons are available for on site as well as haul-in clients. There is a facility use fee charged for haul-ins separate from the lesson fee.

Lessons typically run 45 min. to an hour. Lessons will include theory, training philosophy, and practical application. Exercises are broken down and used to help the student better understand the process. I am committed to your improvement.

I am happy to work with riders of all disciplines and levels.
Private Lesson fee - $100.00

Facility fee for haul-in is a separate fee

Clinics/Off Site Lessons

I am available on a limited basis for off site lessons as well as clinics. If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please contact me. Prices vary depending on distance. I am happy to work with riders of all levels and am very comfortable working with a variety of breeds.

Lessons are geared toward building and/or improving the basics and how to use the movements to build strength, improve suppleness, and understand the important role you play regarding balance.

Off site lesson price is $150.00.